Venuri Perera

I am a performance artist and choreographer primarily working with my own body. I have been ‘using’ my body, objects, space to manipulate the experience. The work was political, reactionary, to create a sense of discomfort. But I have now become more interested in the potentiality for shifts to happen, even with the deeply political with a more subtle form of ‘seduction’ and shared presence. Recently I have been working in public spaces, working with anonymity and the power dynamics of gaze. I have been trying to deepen the practice of presence, and work form a place of letting go. To be in a place of not knowing and vulnerability. I am interested in the layers of perception (bhuddist phenomenology/queer phenomenology - Ahmed)) I want to understand how to create conditions for compassion and community. I have been researching ritual and looking at how the space and objects can be charged and the atmosphere can shift. That the placement and handling can charge materials/objects. How can I create conditions where the audience can be equally present and create conditions for compassion with more subtlety. How can we perceive and experience a time shift together by creating an atmosphere. How can we notice the vibrations. How can we zoom in, zoom out. How can I be deeply present and finding out what does the space need, the objects need. To build up intuition in how to work with material and space in relation with the body. How can we perceive the laws and can they be slightly bent. How can we leave a trace, create an uncanny shift without being deeply disturbing.