WHAT NOW? Signals with Delay

Curated by Juan Miranda, Mazlum Nergiz, Eli Steffen in collaboration with Mariana Senne

Artistic research takes place in spaces. In the current times, the consciousness of spaces as potential risks has been pushed to the foreground. Any encounter: contamination. How to inhabit and renegotiate spaces if access to them has never been so precarious? How to leave traces if traces are everything but welcome? How can we localize terra incognita within our own artistic practices throughout the engagement with others? In this two-weeks research lab, five participants of DAS Theatre embark on the question of re-calibrating the imaginative access to their space(s) of artistic research in an in-depth exploration as a collective of artists with theatre maker Boukje Schweigman whose practice is fundamentally rooted in navigating through physical and sensory spaces with the main compass we have for this endeavor: the body.

The core idea of this research lab revolves around the idea of signals as content: this workshop enables its participants to sustain a practice-based, interwoven and focused dialogue around their main artistic problems and question.

During the first week, the five participants develop a performative program in which they share with each other tools and knowledge around tackling and unlocking spatial compositions and challenges and how they give voice to spaces they inhabit in relation to their current artistic research at DAS Theatre.

Building upon the traces the participants have left behind in the first week, theatre maker and artistic mentor of this research lab Boukje Schweigman will explore unknown spaces of physicality, sensory and perception and will offer pedagogical bridges of how the participants can link Boukje Schweigman’s specific methodology to their artistic research.

In addition, this lab sets off to a field trip to this years SPRING in Autumn festival. https://springutrecht.nl/