Workshop with Rabih Mroué

The workshop will focus on the body during our confinement time today. What are the characteristics of this body between being on one hand absent physically by isolating it in order to protect it from others and keep as healthy as possible, and on the other hand, present physically as a ‘live’ image on the social media in order to meet with others and keep our human relations active? What kind of body do we need today in order to meet with the world? What preparations do we need to do? What kind of care we apply? And how do these concerns resonate in a historical perspective? The fact that today most of the performances are taking place on the virtual world, on the internet, which makes the main components of the theatre dispersed in private places; this fact will the main topic to work on together, to reflect upon this phenomenon and to work on it, trying to bring up some alternative thoughts and ideas for our today’s artistic practices. During the workshop Rabih Mroué will present some of the concepts he worked on through concrete examples from his works in order to facilitate the flow of the discussion and the starting point for practical work with the participants.

RABIH MROUÉ. Born in Beirut and currently lives in Berlin, is a theatre director, actor, visual artist and playwright. He is a contributing editor for The Drama Review /TDR (New York). He is also a co-founder of the Beirut Art Center (BAC). He was a fellow at The International Research Center: Interweaving Performance Cultures/ FU/Berlin since 2013 -2015. He was a theatre-director at Münchner Kammerspiele (Munich) since 2015 - 2019. His works include: Cheers to our wishes (2020), Last But not Last (2020), Boborygmus (2019), Sand in the eyes (2017), So Little time (2016), Ode to Joy (2015), Riding on a cloud (2013), The Pixelated revolution (2012), The Inhabitants of images (2008), Who’s Afraid of Representation (2005) and others…

The body is not enough