Piersandra Di Matteo | Partisan of Possibilities

What does make a place familiar? What does mean to feel uprooted? How is it possible to counterblast privileged vision of the city? How to cultivate other ways of experiencing urban life?

Since I refute “reality” and since for me what is possible is already partly real, I am indeed a utopian; you will observe that I do not say utopist; but a utopian, yes, a partisan of possibilities.

Henri Lefebvre

The seminar Partisan of Possibilities will focus on the “right to the city” as a space of urban imagination to promote re-appropriation and participation. Shaping ways of re-envisioning an ecosystem made of non-hierarchical relations between people and things, the activities will challenge the capacity to imagine spaces different from what we know to be the prevailing order of things, to break through the barriers of convention into spheres where erratic relations and experience becomes possible.

PIERSANDRA DI MATTEO is a performing arts theorist, dramaturge, and curator. She is research fellow in the frame of ERC funded project «INCOMMON» at University Iuav of Venice, where she teaches “Curating Performing Arts”. She is Romeo Castellucci’s closest theoretical collaborator and dramaturge, working in Europe’s foremost theatres, museum and international festivals. She is currently collaborating as dramaturge with the Argentine director Lola Arias and the Cuban artist Tania Bruguera. Her essays have been published in international magazines, art catalogues, collections of essays and multimedia projects. She has been invited to hold conferences and seminars in international research centres and Universities (Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Singapore, Montréal, Amsterdam, New York City, Philadelphia, San Paolo, Belo Horizonte), and called as visiting scholar at MESTC/CUNY (New York 2017). Among her projects as a curator, E la volpe disse al corvo was awarded the UBU Prize for “Best curatorial-organisational project 2014”. She is currently the artistic curator of Atlas of Transitions Biennale (Bologna 2018-2020) for ERT.