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Curation and production

The programme of the October labs is curated by DAS Theatre artistic director Silvia Bottiroli and theatre-maker and DAS Theatre tutor Edit Kaldor, in conversation with the Educational Team and Educational Platform of DAS Theatre: student counsellor Juul Beeren, production coordinator Maaike Boot and programme coordinator John Meijerink (Educational Team), and theatre-maker and curator Marjorie Boston, choreographer Andrea Božić, dramaturg Miguel Angel Melgares and curator Lara Staal (Educational platform). The programme of the November labs is curated by the 2nd year participants (Asa Horvitz, Tom Oliver Jacobson, Juan Miranda, Mazlum Nergiz, Andrej Nosov, Mariana Senne, Eli Steffen, Pankaj Tiwari) mentored by the Educational Team, as their “Contextual” collective assignment. The visual identity has been developed with Marzia Dalfini, and the programming of this website with Alexander Roidl.