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Outside, the wind of recurrence blew gently over the earth Ben Okri

The present is a product of a past that is full of unacknowledged and incalculable loss. The political dilemmas in the contemporary world demands on us to face this past and avoid its recurrence by engaging in four key practices as summed up by Professor Boaventura de Sousa Santos: democratize, decolonize, decommodify, and depatriarchalize. I am convinced that at the core of these practices is a call on us to unlearn, to unhabit, to re-associate, to rewire and re-order our lived realities, imaginations, perceptions and perspectives. As a theatre – maker I am interested with this call to un-establish and its place within performance practices. I want to explore with you what this means to un-establish, what labor does it demand of us, what are the processes involved, where are the points of resistance, doubt, discontent and disconnection? I will propose a collective reading and debate of a story by science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin. The dilemma with which the story confronts the reader will serve as the basis for group discussions and active artistic provocations.

OGUTU MURAYA is a writer and theater maker whose work is embedded in the practice of Orature. In his work, he searches for new forms of storytelling where socio-political aspects merge with the belief that art is an important catalyst for questioning certainties. He studied International Relations at USIU-Africa and graduated in 2016 with a Master in Arts at the Amsterdam University of the Arts - DAS Theatre. He has been published in the Kwani? Journal, Chimurenga Chronic, Rekto:Verso, Etcetera Magazine, NT Gent’s 4 edition of The Golden Book series, among others. His performative works, storytelling & collaborations have featured in several theatres and festivals including- La Mama (NYC), The Hay Festival (Wales), HIFA (Harare), NuVo Arts Festival (Kampala), Spoken Wor:l:ds (Berlin), Globe to Globe Festival (London), Ranga Shankara (Bangalore), Afrovibes Festival (Amsterdam), Spielart (Munich), Theatre is Must Forum (Alexandria), Theatre Commons (Tokyo) & within East Africa. In 2019 Ogutu was nominated and won in the category of ‘best production on spoken word’ as part of the Sanaa Theatre Awards in Nairobi for his solo performance ‘Because I Always Feel like Running’. Ogutu is also a recipient of The Eric Brassem Exchange Certificat. He was recognized as a talent in the 2017- 2018 Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst - 3 Package Deal. Ogutu is based in Nairobi where he continues his artistic practice and also teaches part time at the department of film and performing arts at KCA University.

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