October Research Labs

October 5th-23rd, 2020

For the October labs artists and curators from around the world have been invited to share their urgent questions responding to the current situation, and to put these to work, exploring them together with DAS Theatre participants in a series of intensive practice-oriented workshops, As a result, three parallel labs will unfold for 3 weeks in October with a main focus, respectively on:

Reckon – What Happened?

What are we facing, what is the present as a historical moment? How has it been produced, historically, politically, culturally? How can theatre and performance be ways of reckoning with it? Guests for this lab include Rabih Mroué, Ogutu Muraya, Lara Staal, Maarten van Hinte, Quinsy Gario and Jerry Afriyie, as well as encounters during the Afrovibes Festival, moderated by Marjorie Boston

Repair – What Now?

If this is our present time, how can we act? How do we understand our living together, between humans and with other than human entities? How can theatre and performance offer forms, ways of thinking and ethics, to navigate the present moment as an uncertain, opaque time? Guests for this lab include Eleonora Fabião, Piersandra Di Matteo, Ivo Dimchev and Lotte van den Berg

Reimagine – What If?

What about the future? What human and technological practices do we have to explore possible futures? How can theatre and performance offer forms of speculation about possible futures, forms of collective and radical imagination, to rehearse a future of which we do not have an image yet? Guests for this lab include Annie Dorsen, Mala Kline, Kee Hong Low and Samara Hersch

Each of the three artistic research lab trajectories that run parallel at the studios of DAS as well as online have their own separate program, but are in continuous interaction and exchange with each other. The invited artists and curators together with DAS theatre participants form a temporary collective of performing arts practitioners, actively probing the question: What can theatre do? They are joined by an interested public who can follow the programme online through various open door events.