In conversation with Melih Gençboyacı

Melih Gençboyacı (1977 - NL/TR/D) is an artist, curator and Hatha Yoga teacher. He studied Mime at the Academy for Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam. After graduating, he was part of uncompromising, sweaty and reliable collectives such as Schwalbe and Copycats.

Melih was also Artist in Residence at Beyond the Spoken. There he worked with curator Barbara Raes to create new rituals for unrecognised loss. The outcome of this collaboration was part of the U-Loss programme during Performatik - 19 in Brussels.

Recently Melih got his Master of Arts at Das Theatre - Extended Curation programme in Amsterdam. As a curator he investigates forms of protest by creating new rituals for political re-identification and founded his artistic, curatorial practice The Embassy Series. In this series he realised several projects, including The New Embassy of Turkey, which will take place in different contexts in the future. He is involved, as an advisor, with the Performing Arts Fund in the field of internationalisation and with the Municipality of The Hague for cultural projects. He also supervises students at the Mime programme. Melih has been a mentor for the Young Work Programme of the Theater aan Zee Festival, Ostend, for the past two years.