Mala Kline | Dreaming, Technology and the Politics of Hope

We all know we need change, but what is a different world from the world of capitalism and free-market bound together with technology that preaches that ‘There is no alternative?’ Technology, specifically artificial intelligence, which can infinitely increase our potential for great good, is already capable of contributing towards total surveillance states and a distortion of truth. AI development is hurtling forward with tech companies affiliated to the defense industry and algorithms in law enforcement enhancing existing biases. In the world closing onto itself, how an entirely different existence is possible? One way is to dream it. Dreaming realigns us with our nature and truth, so our external world, which is the reflection of our inside, begins to align too. Dreaming is also oracular, revealing what is potentially present. We will plunge into the ocean of dreaming to source for intuitive insights, visions of alternative one is capable of creating in synchronicity with the world. Exploring these different issues, through imagery, reading, conversations and practical work, we will dream up the alternative ways of being, being with each other and the world, and together weave a dream of the coming Earth.

MALA KLINE is a choreographer, performer and writer. All her artistic and theoretical work stems from the practice of dreaming. Dreaming is an experiential method by which the body develops its movement flow from the sensory data by constantly transforming the latter into images. In her choreographic work as well as in her writing, she uses the Saphire® method, working with imagination and dreaming, as a trigger of individual and collective dreaming to create singular worlds through the language of dreaming. Mala Kline is a certified Saphire® practitioner teaching these techniques internationally, across a range of educational, research and production environments. She holds a master's degree in theater (DasArts, Amsterdam) and a doctorate in philosophy (UL, Ljubljana). As part of her post-doctoral studies at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (UG) and within the S: PAM Research Center in Ghent, she researched the topic of alternative concepts and the use of time between 2017-19. She is the author of two books, Capfico and Theaters of Potentiality: Between Ethics and Politics.

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