Lotte van den Berg | Lab - on site in Ter Apel

We work around the notion of Curiosity and Control. Contemplating on the place we, humans give ourselves in the world. We work in a big industrial area that has been left alone for 40 years; where plants and fungi took over and trees are growing out of the walls. We see ourselves as guest at that place and look for ways to be there without interfering. A paradox. To act by not acting. I will ask the students to respond to the place and my questions in their own way. To add their own questions. We will both work as a group and individually. I will organise different kind of conversations and settings in which we share and reflect.

LOTTE VAN DEN BERG (1975) studied directing at the Amsterdam School of Arts between 1997 and 2001. After graduation she established herself as a stage director in The Netherlands. From 2005 to 2009 she was an in-house director at Toneelhuis Antwerp. In 2009, Lotte started her own company OMSK, with which she, among other things, produced Les Spectateurs and Agoraphobia. In 2014 Lotte initiated Building Conversation together with visual artist Daan ‘t Sas. Since its start Building Conversation has grown out to an international platform for dialogical art. The most recent work by Lotte is the trilogy DYING TOGETHER / Humans / Earth / Futures. This work focuses on the question if moments of collective death can tell us something about the way we live together. Creating a third space, a conversational space where extremes can meet is central to the work of Lotte van den Berg. Within the context of arts she establishes temporary public spaces, in which our social (in)abilities are made subject and inter-human processes of exchange are engineered.


Based on French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour (1949) we researched the idea of landscape, ghost, traces, geographies, coordinates, temporalities, Parliament of Things and many many many many much more things.