Lara Staal | The trial as artistic strategy to reckon with the past

How can theatre offer us ways to reckon with the past? How can an artwork become a site of reconciliation? How do we look at the relation between past and presence? How is utopian thinking rooted in the past? In what way does a trial reckon with the past? In what way is a trial curatorial? In what way is a trial theatrical? How are fiction and truth related to each other within a trial?

In three days, we will investigate the ways in which theatre can be a place to deal with the past, to repair, review or reconstruct it, so that it can produce a glimpse of a better and more just future. We will specifically look at the trial as a curatorial and performative set-up that has been used and appropriated by artists in order to teach untold histories, include voices that have been oppressed or let citizens decide the truth for themselves. Participants will be invited to work with juridical tools, truth procedures or hearings in close connection to their own work and interests.

LARA STAAL is a theatre maker, curator, researcher and writer focusing on how theatre can provide a platform for political action and reflection and produce alliances between different domains. As a freelance curator in the performing arts, she has developed works such as e.g. The Evening of the Anger together with rapper Gideon Everduim and Europe on Trial together with human right activist Yoonis Osman Nuur. Next to her work as a tutor at DAS Theatre, she works as a freelance maker & curator at NTGent. In addition, she writes for journals such as Rekto:Verso, Theatermaker, Mister Motley and Etcetera.

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