Lab1 Week2 - Lara Staal

The trial as artistic strategy to reckon with the past by Lara Staal

  Lara's first provocation

1.     How did this first lab already provide you with tools & artistic strategies to deal with the past? (How did the encounters with Maarten van Hinte, Quinsy Gario & Ogutu Muraya informed you?)

2.     What role does the past take within your work and interests? Can each of you share how history/memory/the past etc and this idea of reckoning with our political & cultural past plays a role in your work and interests?

3.     Is there something that you would like to be busy with these coming days if it comes to this idea of rewriting history or reckoning with the past?

Lara's second provocation 

- with which historical element would you like to work? And why? - what would you like to add to the historical material that is already there? - in what performative form would you like to deal with this specific historical happening? - what is the role of the audience? - who are the voices you want to include? Or amplify? - is there an aspect that you could already start to work on? Is there for example an introduction to the project or one accusation that could already be written out?   **Participant’s reactions*Ü

Upon these questions, the lab’s participants started to engage with the trial in specific but with performative set-ups more broadly that invite history and the ghosts of the past into their artistic research. How do Lara’s approaches, practices and references resonate with our own thinking and making? What if we would use the trial as a performative approach within our own projects? Who would we accuse?


Forensic Architecture

Four Faces of Omarska

Tea Tupajic & Petra Zanki: The curators’ Piece, A Trial against Art

Laila Soliman: ZigZig

Milo Rau: The Moscow Trials

Julian Rosefeldt: Manifesto

Tribunal NSU Auflösen

Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin: X&Y vs. France: The Case of a Legal Precedent

Ehsan Fardjadniya: Refugee on Trial

The Truth Commission: Action Zoo Humain

Christophe Meierhans: Trials of Money

Osman Yoonis Nuur & Lara Staal: Europe on Trial

Gintersdorfer Klassen: The international Criminal Court

Christoph Schlingensief: FOREIGNERS OUT!

The Permanent Peoples Tribunal