When the workshop started, the first thing I felt was an internal resistance.

He made us respond to a series of requests. The first was:

“Let's start with a pessimistic statement”, and mine was:

I am not going to like this workshop.

And later in the exercise he asked us for a “very optimistic sentence”, and I replied: This workshop is going to change my life.

From these two sentences I realized that I could take the second option. Finally it is a decision to choose what it is that can change our lives.

I chose from the workshop what could be nutritious.

1.-For years I have been looking for a way to work in specific spaces based on the architecture of the spaces. This time without realizing it I chose to focus on the person who inhabits this architecture.

2.-Since the text I wrote mentioned my mother several times, I chose her department as a good place to perform the actions. In my idea of ​​solo, I especially mentioned the idea of ​​generating intimacy with someone, in this case my mother. Understand the performative action as an excuse to meet someone. In this case my mother.

3.-From the experience of going to her house and doing these actions and saying these sentences that I had written the first day, I could see how they took on another meaning from the space and my mother's reactions.

4.-Finally before the proposal of making a video, I discovered that my approach to video or editing has always been from a documentary or fictional perspective, never as a “video art”. Now is a kind of “video art” in process.

Here is the link to see it: https://vimeo.com/469094566