Between February 22nd and March 5th, at the beginning of the Spring semester, when normally 1st years would encounter their second thematic Block, the Spring Research Labs takes place. This focuses on archive, documentation and dissemination processes. One of the structural components of this year study programme, and the Research Labs in particular, tackles the design and curation of dissemination strategies in the performing arts. The Spring Research Lab is dedicated to support and coordinate the individual and collective initiatives of participants, as well as the input from guests in order to create a frame for translating the collected and generated artistic material into different forms of dissemination within the professional field.

The invited guests on the Spring Research Labs are the performance artist Lola Arias and the collective nyamnyam (Ariadna Rodriguez & Iñaki Alvarez)

My Documents | Workshop. Lola Arias. 22-26 February 2021.

My Documents is a lecture performance workshop where artists present personal research, a radical experience, a story that secretly obsess them. My Documents has a minimal format: artists with their documents. A way of bringing to light the kind of research that often gets lost in a nameless folder in a computer.

The Medium is the Medium. nyamnyam (Iñaki Alvarez and Ariadna Rodríguez). 1-5 March 2021.

The Medium is the Medium takes its name from one of the earliest examples of the collaboration between public television and video art. The medium wasn’t (only) the message anymore, it was a meta category that put TV on the focus to explore the parameters of this (new) medium.