Eleonora Fabião | E L E C T R O W I N D

This 3-day practical-theoretical artistic-research-LAB on-line during the covid-19 pandemic is a space to reflect on and to create performance relating to our circumstances. By articulating practice, theory and history, we will focus on performance art practices and their vigorous, politically imaginative and critical ways of responding to contexts. For that, we will read and discuss concepts, analyze archival documentation and compose short performance pieces on the zoom platform. In October 2020 we will electro-wind together. Some research questions to be explored are: What is important/needed to add to our world today? What matters and which matters? What actions, images, affects? What subjective and objective economies? What modes of encounter, relation and circulation? How to consistently relate with ghostly matters that constitute spaces and things? What worlds do we want to create with our art? And, what art do we want to create with our art?

ELEONORA FABIÃO is a performance artist and theorist. She has been performing, participating in exhibitions, curating, lecturing, teaching and publishing internationally. She is a professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, School of Communication – Theater Directing Undergraduate Program and Arts of the Scene Graduate Program. Fabião works with multiple matters – human and non-human, visible and invisible, light and heavy, aesthetic-political – and in varied contexts – festivals, exhibitions, sociocultural projects and, specially, in the streets. Recent works include: Things That Must Be Done Series (Wall Street, Performa Biannual 2015), MOVIMENTO HO/HO MOVEMENT (Hélio Oiticica Municipal Art Center, 2016), azul azul azul e azul/blue blue blue and blue (Museu Bispo do Rosário, 2016), se o título fosse um desenho, seria um quadrado em rotação/if the title was a drawing, it would be a rotating square (Curitiba Theater Festival, 2018), LEVANTE/UPRISE (ArtRio, 2018), There is a smell of burning in the air–a sci-fi with no-fi (Grace Exhibition Space NY, 2020) and ELETROVENTO/ELETROWIND (2020). She holds a PhD and an MA in Performance Studies (New York University), and an MA in Social History of Culture (PUC-Rio). As guest professor Fabião taught, among others, at: New York University, Freie Universitat-Berlin, Norwegian Theater Academy, Universidad Castilla-La Mancha, São Paulo Theater School, MoMA NY, Stockholm University of the Arts and Universidad Nacional de las Artes-Buenos Aires. In 2011 she received the Arts in the Streets’ Award from the Brazilian National Foundation of the Arts (FUNARTE) and in 2014 the Rumos Itaú Cultural Grant that resulted in the publication of the book AÇÕES/ACTIONS (Rio de Janeiro: Tamanduá Arte, 2015). She was the researcher on Latin American performance art for the Re.act.feminism Performing Archive (Berlin) and is a member of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics’ board (NY). In 2017 Fabião completed a post-doc at NYU and in 2019 became researcher of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development in Brazil (CNPq). She is an invited artist of the 34th São Paulo Biannual (2021).


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