In conversation with Edit Kaldor

Edit Kaldor (H/U.S./NL) is a theatre-maker, writer and dramaturge based in Amsterdam. She is recognised internationally as a unique voice in the contemporary theatre landscape. She works with nonprofessional performers, often over a long period of time, and integrates in her work the use of various digital media, including the development of new software for the performances. Kaldor studied literature and theatre at Columbia University in New York, University College, London, and DasArts, Amsterdam. Her work is characterized by a specific combination of conceptual, formally-aware approach to theatre with a personal tone and a social dimension. Her pieces, e.g. Or Press Escape (2003), Point Blank (2007), C’est du chinois (2010) One Hour (2012), Woe (2013) and Inventory of Powerlessness (2013-16) have been presented at theatres, festivals and visual arts venues in over 30 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and North-Africa. Kaldor is a tutor at DAS Theatre (Master of Theatre at the Amsterdam University of the Arts) and has taught, lectured and given masterclasses in art schools in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Germany, and Denmark.