Carolina Bianchi

I am a brazilian director, actress and playwright. Born in Porto Alegre in 1984. I graduated in 2008 at the School of Dramatic Art (EAD / ECA-USP). My creations cross theater, dance and performance through authorial works generated in partnership with multidisciplinary artists. This collective of artists who accompany me on each work, I named CARA DE CAVALO [HORSE FACE]. Under this format I conceived: O Tremor Magnífico [The Magnificent Tremor] (2020), LOBO [WOLF] (2018), Quiero hacer el amor [I wanna make love] (2017), Mata-me de Prazer [Kill me with Pleasure] (2016). I was part of the Panorama Sur dramaturgy residency in Buenos Aires in 2017. My works tour through International Festivals in Brazil (MIT SP, Porto Alegre Em Cena, Cena Brasil Internacional in Rio de Janeiro), and LOBO was invited to perform at NY Skirball in New York on April 2020, but was canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic. Other creations: Gênera (text by Keli Freitas), Utopyas to every day life - long-term choreographic installation in partnership with dancer Flávia Pinheiro, Rêverie (co-creation with Morena Nascimento for the PINA 40 festival in Dusseldorf, Germany). I coordinated the workshops: Hardcore from the heart - porn choreographic practices, Manifesto de um corpo delirante [Manifesto of a delusional body] (about my researches in Mata-me de prazer), O colapso do maravilhoso [The collapse of the wonderful] and a writing laboratory - A escrita incandescente [The incandescent writing]. I held the residency A rebelião de Artemísia [Artemisia's Rebellion], where I formed the cast of 16 male performers with whom I worked in LOBO (this residency also took place in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre). For ten years, I worked ahead of Cia. Dos Outros, a theater group from São Paulo with whom I created the shows: Solos Impossíveis [Impossible Solos], A pior banda do mundo [The worst band in the world] and Corra como um coelho [Run like a rabbit]. I acted in plays directed by Carolina Mendonça, Martha Kiss Perrone, Antonio Araújo and Tiago Rodrigues. Some of my texts are found in independent publications such as O Tremor Magnífico (2020), Revista Janelas de Dramaturgia (Belo Horizonte, 2019).