Encounter with Bettina Vismann

Architect, performer and researcher in philosophy of science Bettina Vismann lives and works in Berlin. She studied architecture and city planning at the TU Stuttgart, at the Kingston Polytechnic in London and at the ETH, Zurich. She does research in Philosophy of Science, Applied Philosophy and Visual Arts. In 1999, she collaborated with Annemarie Hürlimann on the concept of the exhibition „Fremdkörper“ (alien bodies) at the Deutsche Hygiene-Museum in Dresden. She showed her work in numerous exhibitions, at the 9. Biennale for Architecture in Venice, at the Art Frankfurt in 2002 or contributed to the exhibition OZ, Berlin, with a walkable spatial installation. Since 2001 she works as freelance architect. Next to her architectural practice, Vismann undertakes two long-term research projects on theories of dust and waste economies.